Netflix crashes for Stranger Things 4 views


Netflix crashes for Stranger Things 4 views

Unbelievable but true: Netflix crashed for a few minutes due to too many concurrent user views for Stranger Things 4 Volume II. Too many users in a short space of time have collapsed the platform with over 14,000 outages, according to the global monitoring service Downdetector.

Netflix, after hours the problem, solved the problem. Stranger Things 4 has become Netflix's most popular English series ever with 781 million hours of viewing over the first three weeks after the first seven installments were released on May 27.

Volume II consists of episode eight and nine, lasting 1 hour and 25 minutes and 2 hours and 30 minutes the second. The decision to split the fourth season in two was criticized by Stephen King, who praised the series, but complained about the division into two chapters.

The last moments of episode 9

Eddie dies killed by the Demo-bats and Max's limbs begin to break. Eleven throws Henry away from Max using her powers and freeing her friend from her grip. Joyce comes to Hopper's aid, annihilating the monster that was hitting him.

Joyce and Hopper succeed in their plan to lure the monsters into the prison yard, and while they find shelter in a cell, Murray proceeds to smoke them with the flamethrower. This further weakens Vecna. The vines that were crushing Nancy, Robin and Steve also withdraw.

The three manage to burn Vecna's body in meditation. Hopper decapitates the demogorgon with a sword. Steve throws an incendiary Molotov cocktail at Vecna's body, while Nancy steps forward and starts shooting him. Vecna's fiery body recoils and ends up falling from the attic, leaving a burnt shape on the pavement in front of the Creel house.

Joyce and Hopper flee in the helicopter with Yuri and Dmitri. Dustin goes to Ediie, who dies in his arms. In the attic of the Creel house, Max tells Lucas not to hear or see anything. Erica ran to call an ambulance, but Max's eyelids fall over her now white eyes.

Max is dead. With Max's death, Number 001 fulfilled his plan: an incendiary gate opens in the attic of the Creel house in Hawkins, killing Jason in the process. The gate breaks through the Creel house, Eddie's uncle's trailer, and also Lover's Lake: all the places where Vecna ​​had killed someone and, in doing so, opened a gap between Hawkins and the Upside Down.

The town begins to catch fire and sink into the Upside Down. Eleven tries to save Max, who ends up in a kind of coma. Two days after the events, onathan, Will and Mike along with Eleven arrive in Hawkins and are reunited with the others.

Hopper and Joyce, Nancy, Steve and Robin also arrive.
Max is hospitalized, watched over by Lucas and Erica, in a coma but still alive. Meanwhile, the hairs on Will's nape stand on end and the sky suddenly darkens. Vecna ​​manifests his presence The war has just begun.

Eleven ventures into the field, followed by Hopper, Mike and the others. In the distance, large clouds of smoke rise from the open slopes on the Upside-down, complete with lightning. The vegetation is turning gray, a sign that the Upside Down has already begun to have its effect on the world.