Better Call Saul: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will be there on Tuesday episode!

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Better Call Saul: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will be there on Tuesday episode!

According to IMDb, the two actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, aka Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, will appear in episode 10 of Better Call Saul, which will go on air on Monday 25 July 2022 on AMC and the next day on Netflix.

The episode, which will have the title Nippy. Bryan Cranston at Albuquerque Journal said: "We were asked to keep it secret. We were flown to Albuquerque in the middle of the night for the shoot!" Aaron Paul added: "It's so funny because this was supposed to be a big surprise, a big secret.

Then all of a sudden they announced we were doing it." Better Call Saul is now rejoining the events we saw in Breaking Bad. Already last April it was announced that Walter and Jesse would appear in the final season.

Recap of the latest episode of Better Call Saul

Episode 8: Fun and Game.

Gus Fring is summoned by Don Eladio in the presence of Bolsa, Hector and his twin nephews as Hector accused him of killing Lalo and plotting against the cartel. However, Hector has no proof of what actually happened and Gus manages to convince Eladio that the accusations against him are false, so the boss entrusts him with the whole of northern New Mexico (always giving an account to Bolsa) despite having perceived the hatred in the Fring's look.

Gus meets Mike and instructs him to quickly find a new team of engineers to resume construction of the methamphetamine lab; the latter the same evening decides to inform Nacho's father of his son's death. Although Mike assures Mr.

Varga that justice will soon be done, Nacho's father says that the justice promised by Mike is nothing but revenge. Jimmy and Kim reluctantly attend the HHM memorial ceremony for Howard; here they learn from Rich that in reality HHM no longer exists as after Howard's death the firm underwent a definitive downsizing that led to it being acquired by another legal organization and therefore losing the HHM name.

The two then go to offer condolences to Howard's widow who confronts them hard-nosed asking the truth about her husband. Jimmy first relates what he said to the police that Howard showed up in an altered state to them, then Kim states that a year and a half earlier she had seen Howard taking cocaine alone in her office.

The widow, in tears, believes Kim's lie; Jimmy and his wife's secret remains safe, but at the cost of the final compromise of the dead Howard's memory as well as the dissolution of the law firm for which he and Chuck gave their lives.

This is the final blow to Kim's guilt, which she decides to give up her career as a lawyer; when Jimmy finds out she rushes home only to find that Kim has packed her bags to leave him. In tears, she Kim lei claims that she loves Jimmy but that she has realized how much harm the two of them have done and how toxic they are to each other.

Furthermore, the woman confesses to the now ex-husband that she had learned from Mike that Lalo was alive, and that she had not told him anything because that would have led Jimmy to look for a way to get safe and consequently they could not continue their project against.

Howard: Which, by her final admission, was amusing her tremendously. Years later Jimmy has effectively become Saul Goodman, lives in a sumptuous house (the same one dismantled in the prologue of the first episode of the season) and his office, now teeming with petty criminals from the lowest social backgrounds, is the same one seen in Breaking Bad.