Better Call Saul episode 11 title will be Breaking Bad!


Better Call Saul episode 11 title will be Breaking Bad!
Better Call Saul episode 11 title will be Breaking Bad!

Next week's 11st episode of Better Call Saul season 6 will be titled Breaking Bad! The episode title and description were premiered by the Canadian website TVPassport, and were later confirmed by AMC. This will most likely be the episode in which Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will return to play Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

The title of the episode is also an inside-joke: the character of Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman, in fact, was introduced in an episode of Breaking Bad entitled Better Call Saul, which was released exactly 13 years ago. Breaking Bad will be the third to last episode ever for the Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould series and will be available on AMC on Monday August 1st 2022, on Netflix from Tuesday August 2nd

Better Call Saul episode 11 title will be Breaking Bad!

What role will Walter White and Jesse Pinkman play in Better Call Saul? Speaking to the Albuquerque Journal, Bryan Cranston's interpreter said: "We were asked to keep everything secret. We were flown into the dark of night.

We took this plane and went to a private section of the airport. And then we walked out and got into an SUV. They move us to an Airbnb, a duplex. It was on the top floor and they told us we couldn't go out." Aaron Paul added: "There was nothing we could do but stay closed after the shoot was over.

We couldn't move. It was so fun because it was supposed to be a big surprise, a big secret. Then all of a sudden they announced that we would be there too, so Why did they keep us in jail? Seriously, they were just kidding us." At the end of the series final needs still 3 episodes: what will happen? Will Saul Goodman join again Kim Wexler?


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