“Peaky Blinders” spinoff film set to begin production in next 18 months

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“Peaky Blinders” spinoff film set to begin production in next 18 months

“Peaky Blinders” screenwriter Steven Knight said late on Thursday that the extremely popular TV show’s spinoff film is about to begin filming in less than a year and a half. Apart from that, speaking in an interview, Knight said that he was almost done with the script of “Peaky Blinders” spinoff film.

“Peaky Blinders” film spinoff set to begin production in 1-1/2 years

Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with UK radio station Heart FM, Knight said, “We’re going to shoot it at the studios in Digbeth, and on location in Digbeth in Birmingham.

Digbeth and Small Heath [are] where the Peaky Blinders actually roamed, so it’s like ‘Peaky’s’ coming home. There’s going to be some familiar faces and new faces that will hopefully be quite surprising”.

In factuality, latest remark from Knight came into being several weeks after the “Peaky Blinders” screenwriter had said that the film will be based on “an untold story that happened in the Second World War, which the Peakys are going to be involved in”.

Besides, the “Peaky Blinders” franchise has been stepping up promos of its spin-off film for quite a while, as the final season of “Peaky Blinders” also had an episode featuring the film. The “Peaky Blinders” director said in March this year, “It’s such a Peaky thing to do for the last hurrah.

It’s the 10:22 news for one night only. It feels very, very different to the rest of the season. It feels very, very different to anything we’ve done before. It’s very epic in scope. It feels like a film – it’s a kind of dry run for the feature film”.