Indie Thriller “You Can’t Stay Here” starring Guillermo Diaz wraps production

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Indie Thriller “You Can’t Stay Here” starring Guillermo Diaz wraps production

Indie thriller “You Can’t Stay Here” featuring Guillermo Diaz as head of the casts, has rounded off production in New York this month, a press agency report has unveiled citing the production house (Bangor Films) behind the thriller which will hand out a notion of an “organized crime,” “scandal” alongside “law & order”.

The movie is actually inspired by real-life events in a New York City back in the 1990s, when law & order went chaotic in line with a boom in Wall Street and other money markets across the US.

Indie Thriller “You Can’t Stay Here” wraps production

In tandem, the storyline of “You Can’t Stay Here” has been based on a photographer who will witness a brutal murder of a man in Central Park.

However, as the cops will show little interests on the crime, the photographer will develop a strange relationship with the killer. Diaz, the 47-year-old American actor best-known for “200 Cigarettes,” will play as the photographer.

Meanwhile, expressing a through and through optimism over the film, “You Can’t stay Here” director Todd Verow said in an interview with a press agency, “I have been a fan of Guillermo since his first film and when he approached me about wanting to work on something together, I jumped at the chance and came up with the story for ‘You Can’t Stay Here’.

“It is a film about queer cruising and finding love and real human connections in the most unlikely places. While set in the 1990s, the film’s themes of homophobia, social hysteria, and finding oneself in a dangerous and intolerant world are as resonant as ever today.