Love, Death and Robots’ renewed for Season 4 at Netflix

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Love, Death and Robots’ renewed for Season 4 at Netflix

Netflix said late on Friday in an Instagram post that the media streaming giant had renewed a deal for a fourth season of “Love, Death and Robots”. “Love, Death and Robots,” a collection of animated short stories that range across multiple genres including science fictions, fantasy, comedy alongside horror and comedy, is highly appreciated by the critics, as the series has received an 85 per cent rating in Rotten Tomatoes, while IMDB audiences had rated the series at an average of 8.5.

The Netflix anthology, adult animation series created by Tim Miller, adapted from Heavy Metal, has ended its nine-episode third season in Netflix on May 20 this year, while the Netflix show’s season 1 and season 2 were aired in 2019 and 2021 respectively.

Netflix has renewed a fourth season deal with “Love, Death & Robot”

More importantly, latest move from Netflix Inc came forth as whispers were spiralling around Netflix arena that the series could soon receive a fourth season release date.

However, although Netflix Inc has announced a fourth-season deal for “Love, Death & Robot,” produced combinedly by Blur Studios and Netflix Studios, the streaming media industry trailblazer which has recently been facing off steep competition from newer streaming media providers like of Disney+ alongside HBO Max among others, the Californian streaming giant did not disclose a release date yet for the fourth season of its “Love, Death & Robot”.

The series won 12 Emmy Awards so far, while the Netflix show had shelved its third straight nomination in a row in the category of best short form animated program. All episodes of “Love, Death and Robot” are 22 minutes long.