Vince Gilligan: "They should give us a Nobel for Better Call Saul"

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Vince Gilligan: "They should give us a Nobel for Better Call Saul"

Better Call Saul has reached its final series, a much awaited and much feared moment by fans, anxious about the final fate of Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman and Kim Wexler. The Breaking Bad spin-off, created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, will close with the thirteenth episode that will arrive today, August 15, 2022.

Regarding the series finale, Vince Gilligan has assured it will be really great. The latest episode of Better Call Saul was directed by Vince Gilligan and could run for an hour and 38 minutes. This detail was noted by the fans who noticed that the duration of the episode is also shown on the AMC website next to the broadcast date.

Gilligan spoke about the denouement recently on the Television Critics Association's Summer Tour and said he worked hard to make this episode and was delighted with the result.

Vince Gilligan: "They should give us a Nobel for Better Call Saul"

The screenwriter said: "We have high hopes for how television critics will welcome the episode.

If we don't win the Nobel Prize for it, I will be very disappointed. It is the result of many sweaty hands and many sleepless nights. Because we are not satisfied, but above all because who we wanted to satisfy, first of all, it was us.

I think everyone on the show is very happy with how it ended. I hope, I hope, I hope everyone else agrees because I think the thing I'm most proud of is that the show has stayed true to itself. And we're playing on the same pitch we started on.

And I think it's a very good result. But if people find all their dreams and hopes fulfilled in it, all we can do is hope: a Nobel Prize would be great!" Gilligan also wanted to have her say on the long-awaited finale of the series and the fate of Saul Goodman.

He said: "Gene's world is collapsing on him." Gilligan advised viewers to get ready for some real drama: "It's going to be really great. Buckle up your seat belts." He was also asked to describe the series finale in one word, and what he replied was: "Earned. Well earned."