Brad Pitt’s “Bullet Train” stays on top as August box office cools down as usual

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Brad Pitt’s “Bullet Train” stays on top as August box office cools down as usual

Brad Pitt-starring “Bullet Train,” a $90-million star-sprawling hammerhead, has been set to top the box office this weekend, as new releases like of “Fall” alongside “Mack and Rita” had botched to make a significant impact.

Apart from that, a slasher-comedy, “Bodies Bodies Bodies” also had attracted a lesser number of audiences than anticipated. On top of that, Brad Pitt’s action vehicle, “Bullet Train,” had added a $3.86 million on Friday from 4,357 silver screens across the North America, while Sony is expected to gross a total of $13 million this weekend which in effect would mark off a worrisome drop in holds.

In the matter of the fact, “Bullet Train” opened at a decent $32.4 million last week, while the film had shelved a roughly $30 million from international box offices. According to Sony’s projection, the movie would likely to witness only a 44 per cent holds in revenues this week.

Nonetheless, last week, Sony was quoted saying in a statement that the movie is expected to rack up a revenue similar to its other hits like of Johnny Depp starring “Murder on Orient Express” as well as “The Tourist”.

“Bullet Train” set to top the box office again

As “Bullet Train” is set to top the domestic box office for the second successive week in a row, the movie’s domestic earnings could reach an upsum of $54 million by Sunday night.

Apart from “Bullet Train,” A24 studio’s “Bodies Bodies Bodies” had had a $3 million haul as of Friday night, while an R-rated “Fall” is expected to earn a total of $2.25 million over its opening weekend.

In the latest vindication of a slow-down in August Box Office, “Mack & Rita” has notched an utterly disappointing $155 per theatre on an average from around 2,000 locations across the North America.