Streaming medias surpass cables in July, leads platform ranking for first time

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Streaming medias surpass cables in July, leads platform ranking for first time

Media streaming services had notched a fifth straight month of gain in July in terms of their stakes in Television usages, while for the first time in history, usage of streaming media platforms had topped the television landscape, data from Nielsen’s monthly Gauge platform ranking had unveiled.

On top of that, as Nielson’s monthly gauge platform data had shown that media streaming platforms had surpassed television views for the first time in history, streamers stake in usage accounted for a 35 per cent, gaining more than a percentage point from a reading of 33.7 per cent logged in June.

Besides, latest set of upbeat data for media streaming platforms came forth as streaming usage has witnessed a sustenance in increase of views since March.

Streaming media usage tops TV usage for the first time in July

Nevertheless, the July reading on streaming media usage was mostly fuelled up by Netflix’s “Stranger Things” that shelved a whopping 18 billion minutes of views over the month.

Among other big titles, there had been “The Umbrella Academy” alongside “The Boys,” as streamers had experienced a rise of roughly 23 per cent in terms of usage compared to the same time a year earlier.

Back in the July of 2021, streamers’ usage had spiked to a 28.3 per cent of entire TV entertainment industry in the United States, while this July had viewed an Apollonian rise in views to 34.8 per cent. On top of that, both cable and broadcasters’ usage had bottomed to their 14-months lows last year, while cable usage totalled roughly a 34.4 per cent and broadcast had settled at a 21.6 per cent.