Loane John King, Starz’s Spartacus actor, dies at 49

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Loane John King, Starz’s Spartacus actor, dies at 49

A Kiwi actor who had played in Starz’s historical drama “Spartacus,” had died at the age of 49. His cause of death was pancreatic cancer. He died among friends and family. This could seem dramatic, but Loane John King’s untimely death has not been the first that Spartacus’ casts had witnessed, as the much-beloved Andy Whitfield, an Aussie actor who played the title-role at first, died just eighteen months after being diagnosed as a blood cancer patient.

In the matter of the fact, Loane John King’s first major break came in “Spartacus” where he began to play as an extra, however, later he had been elevated to a fan-favourite role, Rhaskos. Rhaskos is a gladiator from Batiatus’ house who had joined Spartacus alongside other free slaves to seek vengeance.

Later, the Kiwi actor became one of the most prominent rebels.

Spartacus actor “John King” died at 49

In tandem, news of the “Spartacus” actor’s death was announced by his family on a Facebook page that was dedicated to John King’s battle against cancer.

John King’s family had begun a fundraising campaign back in the March this year, when the actor had begun chemotherapy. King was diagnosed as a cancer patient in January this year. Spartacus alum, Manu Bennet, another Kiwi actor who played a submissively opposite role to Spartacus when it comes to rebels, paid tribute to his former co-star in Instagram saying, ““I remember John most fondly for his huge grin and sparkle in his eye when he would welcome me and others onto set each day offering the Gladiatorial forearm handshake & acknowledging in his deep raspy voice, ‘Brother!'”