“Thor: Love and Thunder” to arrive on Disney+ next month


“Thor: Love and Thunder” to arrive on Disney+ next month

Chris Hemsworth wrote in an Instagram post late on Monday that “Thor: Love and Thunder” would be available on Disney+ streaming media as early as by September 8. In factuality, despite being rated as one of the worst Marvel movies, “Thor: Love and Thunder,” Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo installation as Thor, has been closing in to become a billion-dollar juggernaut, as the film had racked up a total of $737 million across the globe as of last weekend.

Besides, the movie also had become the sixth-highest grossing film of 2022.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” to arrive in Disney+

On top of that, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest installation has been among a number of titles that would be released on Disney+ streaming on Disney+ day, a virtual event held annually and is marked by special promotions, TV releases alongside new film apart from other exciting franchises.

In tandem, the release of “Thor: Love and Thunder” in Disney+ streaming media will be accompanied by a behind-the-scene short documentary, which will be handing out a peek into the making of the movie. Nevertheless, “Thor: Love and Thunder” would be hitting the streaming media industry just two months after having been premiered on July 8.

Aside from being the sixth-highest grossing film of the year, the movie had had an eccentric debut of $143 million at domestic box office. Nonetheless, according to audiences’ rating from IMDb, the movie’s popularity trend has been spiralling downwards at a breakneck pace, as the film had received a modest 65 per cent from audiences’ rating in Rotten Tomatoes, while the movie was rated at 57 per cent by critics from Metacritic.

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