“Resident Evil” cancelled after one season at Netflix amid poor critics’ rating

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“Resident Evil” cancelled after one season at Netflix amid poor critics’ rating
“Resident Evil” cancelled after one season at Netflix amid poor critics’ rating

Streaming media industry trailblazer Netflix’s live-action series “Resident Evil” had been suspended just after a season, as the Netflix original had been met with a mixed response from both critics and audiences.

“Resident Evil” made its debut on Netflix July 14, however, the series had been initially ordered back in the 2020. Nonetheless, despite having a signature title of “Resident Evil,” an immensely popular Zombie-movie, the series had received a mixed audience response, as audiences had rated the movie at a 27 per cent in Rotten Tomatoes.

Nonetheless, Rotten Tomatoes’ critics had rated the series at 55 per cent.

Resident Evil cancelled out in Netflix just after one season

Nevertheless, the series had witnessed a mass-scale response from the audiences initially across the globe, as “Resident Evil” had been streamed over a whopping 72 million hours in the opening week.

Besides, the series also had become the second-highest streamed series on July before “Stranger Things” season 4. However, the series had botched to maintain its initial hype and had been edged lower to number three in the streaming media weekly chart.

By the third week after release, the series was thrown out of the list of top ten streamed shows. Netflix’s “Resident Evil” was based on a Capcom video game franchise, while storyline of the show had spiralled around Ella Balinska’s (Jade Wesker) fight for survival in a world swamped with infected and mind-bogglingly vile creatures.

Since the release of first “Resident Evil” game back in the 1996s, more than an eye-propping 100 million copies of games and multiple movies entries of the franchise had been sold off across the globe. On top of that, the film’s franchise alone had grossed over a gargantuan $1.2 billion.


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