Lindsay Lohan to star in Netflix Rom-Com “Irish Wish”


Lindsay Lohan to star in Netflix Rom-Com “Irish Wish”
Lindsay Lohan to star in Netflix Rom-Com “Irish Wish”

Later this week, the streaming media industry trailblazer Netflix Inc had issued a statement saying that Lindsay Lohan, the 36-year-old American actress and singer, would star a Netflix original romantic comedy titled as “Irish Wish”.

According to Netflix Inc., storyline of the film will be spiralling around a character Maddie (Lohan), a bridesmaid who will attend a wedding ceremony in Ireland between her best friend and the love of her life. Nonetheless, in a mystic turn of event, Maddie will wake up in a world where she will become betrothed, however, she will find out eventually that she doesn’t rapaciously want her new reality.

Lohan to star in Netflix romantic comedy “Irish Wish”

On top of that, “Irish Wish” is the second romantic film for Lohan with Netflix, as the American actress’ first film for Netflix, “Falling for Christmas,” will open on streaming services from November 10.

Plot of “Falling for Christmas” will whirl around an engaged heiress who will meet with an unfortunate incident while skiing and wake up with an amnesia. Nevertheless, Lohan’s career in media began at an early childhood, as she appeared as a model for Ford at the age of three.

Besides, the American actress, borne in the New York City and raised in Long Island, performed as a regular on television soap opera at the age of ten. However, Lindsay Lohan’s major breakthrough came forth in Walt Disney’s “The Parent Trap”.

After her first appearance in showbiz back in the 1990s, Lohan became a prominent figure by 2000s, however, he swayed away from the spotlights during early-2010s and appeared mostly in small-budget films.