Benedict Cumberbatch joins survival film “The End We Start From”

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Benedict Cumberbatch joins survival film “The End We Start From”

Casts have been unveiled of BAFTA winning director Mahalia Belo’s survival film “The End We Start from,” as Benedict Cumberbatch, this year’s Oscar Nominee in the category of best actor award for “The Power of Dog” had reportedly agreed to join the film.

On top of that, Mark Strong alongside Katherine Waterston have joined the casts of “The End We Start From,” while the movie would also star Jodie Comer, best-known for “Killing Eve”. The film’s storyline, in tandem, will be whirling around a hopeful story regarding joys and trials of a new place to live following a devastating flood that will wash away the city of London.

Benedict Cumberbatch to join “The End We Start From”

On top of that, alongside announcement of a number of new casts including Marvel’s famed ‘Doctor Strange,’ Benedict Cumberbatch, the film’s plot released earlier in the day had unfurled, “When an environmental crisis sees London submerged by flood waters, a young family is torn apart in the chaos.

As a woman and her new-born try to find their way home, the profound novelty of motherhood is brought into sharp focus in this dystopian portrayal of family survival and hope”. Besides, Comer, known for 1917 and Kingsman among others, said following the reveal of the casts, “My character is ordinary and extraordinary, both her very personal life and the world around her have been turned upside down and she is dealing with the unknown at every turn. Her story is about the quiet heroics of determination, devotion, bravery and love”.