Clinton sends warning in talks with Tom Hanks: “US Democracy is fragile right now”

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Clinton sends warning in talks with Tom Hanks: “US Democracy is fragile right now”

Speaking straight from the shoulder, former US President Bill Clinton said in a TV show on Saturday that “democracy is fragile right now”. Speaking in a discussion with Tom Hanks and Chelsea Clinton that lasted more than an hour at A + E Networks alongside History Channel’s “History Talks,” Clinton addressed a clutch of issues that had been tearing a modern American society apart.

Clinton sends message in talks with Hanks that democracy is under threat

Aside from that, Clinton submissively stressed that a United States which has been divided by a number of fundamentals ranging from races to ethnicities to cultures, should address whether differences could define a modern America.

Afro-Americans account for a roughly 24 per cent of entire US population and about a 6 per cent have been Asians as of June, 2022. Besides, adding that the differences have been tearing the US apart, Clinton said, “And what works better to build the kind of future we all want? Does cooperation work better or is everything a zero-sum game? Life is not a zero-sum game.

Football is a zero-sum game — I’ve already watched one game today. I hope it’s not true, but it may be true that saving our democracy is just a zero-sum game because democracy is fragile right now”. Though, as rhetorical questions remain on whether a man of colour would risk his life for a Chinese in a modern US, reminding us the deep differences lying underneath that humans might never be able to overcome, Tom Hanks was quoted saying while playing the role of a historian that he doesn’t support bending, bowing or breaking from reality.