Gal Gadot beautiful Evil Queen in Snow White


Gal Gadot beautiful Evil Queen in Snow White

Gal Gadot talked about the upcoming Disney Snow White film, presented during the D23 Expo. The Israeli actress who plays Wonder Woman talked about the new live action adaptation of the great Disney classic, where she will play the Evil Queen.

She said: "First of all, I have to say that I really loved playing this character. He is one of the characters that I have most enjoyed playing. First of all, because it is something very different than anything else I have done so far.

Usually, I'm used to playing the other end of where the heart is supposed to be. She, on the other hand, is the first and most iconic villain in the world, and putting myself in her shoes and getting under her skin was delightful.

I really enjoyed it!" Gal also talked about a possible MARVEL-DC crossover: "Maybe we could do something like, who knows, Wonder Woman appearing in an Avengers movie and the Avengers appearing in a Wonder Woman. We'll see, I'm available.

love, I love my friends from DC but also those from Marvel. We'll see!"

Rechel Zegler's words

Rachel Zegler, a young actress cast by Steven Spielberg's West Side Story, who will play Snow White, told: "I'm going to have to work really hard to keep the little girl in me at bay because I was really freaking out.

It's amazing to be an iconic princess, and being the first Disney Princess is a huge responsibility and I feel a lot of pressure. It's truly spectacular. The cartoon. animated is iconic, he's 85 and Marc Webb, our director, is determined to represent a heroic princess for his daughter, I love this setting and hope you find future applications whenever you make live action versions of Disney animated films, where women were usually considered less important than men. I think it's possible to be both a princess and a heroine, and I'd love to be both."