Black Adam debuts at No 1 with $67mln as Ticket to Paradise scores $16mln

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Black Adam debuts at No 1 with $67mln as Ticket to Paradise scores $16mln

Dwayne Johnson-starred “Black Adam,” a superhero adventure movie, made a tantalizing debut over last weekend with a whopping $67 million at its coffer. The Warner Bros comic book action-adventure had comfortably knocked down the weekend’s other nationwide releases including Universal’s romantic comedy, “Ticket to Paradise”.

“Ticket to Paradise” opened at second place in North American box office with a better than anticipated $16.3 million from 3,543 silver screens. Nevertheless, “Black Adam” also had beaten projections, as the movie was expected to make its debut at $62 million from 4,350 theatres.

However, both “Black Adam” and “Ticket to Paradise” had witnessed stronger revenues, stepping up hopes for a domestic box office which has been facing off a post-summer break melt-down.

“Black Adam” tops domestic box office, kicks off with a $140mln globally

Nonetheless, despite having been met with a barrage of negative reviews, a number of movie consultancy firms had reported that the film should perform well both home and abroad.

“Black Adam,” a $195 million juggernaut produced by Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia alongside Beau Flynn had received a rating of 39 per cent from the critics of Rotten Tomatoes, while the film had had a rating of 41 per cent from Metacritic.

Nonetheless, adding that the movie, which had kicked off with a global tally of $140 million, should easily secure a profit, Franchise Entertainment Research’s David A Gross said in a statement, “As a spin-off, this is a strong opening.

Black Adam’ should do well abroad and be comfortably profitable”. Besides, Gross added, “These are two of Hollywood’s biggest stars and they still have large followings overseas, where audiences are more loyal to celebrities than they are in North America. That’s where this movie is making very good money”.