Becky Lynch ready for Young Rock tv series


Becky Lynch ready for Young Rock tv series

Brian Gewartz, a former WWE writer, was recently interviewed by NBC Boston's Steve Fall to talk about Young Rock, his time in WWE and many other topics. As for the TV series, which is sent on stage to tell the life and career of The Rock, he has made some interesting statements.

Gewirtz reported that there are big surprises and big names that will be a part of Young Rock in season 3: "With Jeff Chiang and Jenn Carreras, as we sit, we essentially do this big question and answer session where we ask The Rock to tell us some stories.

I approach these things like, Okay, I know every story, and it really doesn't. There is an important story going into this season involving her grandmother and her parents, one of which I had no idea and neither did the others in the room.

We're all like, What? It happened? With him telling us: This absolutely happened. This is the main story for that era in 1985 and that season. So yeah, there are sure to be surprises in that respect, and also, like, you know, the fan in me loves the surprises of who shows up this year and which wrestler will appear that didn't appear in a previous season."

Becky Lynch becomes Cyndi Lauper

Then Brian Gewartz also revealed: "I'll just say there are some big names in the WWE world, both 80s and 90s, that have yet to appear on Young Rock because they weren't in seasons one and two that will absolutely appear in third.

season." There is also a very interesting thing to specify, in fact it seems that one of the big names who will play a character who has never appeared, is Becky Lynch, who seems to be playing the role of the famous singer Cyndi Lauper in an episode set in 1985.

This was also strongly suggested by TV Insider's Scott Fishman who wrote on Twitter: "I think fans will see @BeckyLynchWWE come back on TV sooner than expected because you know… girls just want to have fun,” with the last sentence obviously in English is girls just want to have fun, the title of the song made popular by the singer.

PWInsider also wrote: "The plot of the first episode is about a party that Lauper throws around WrestleMania 1. Hulk Hogan, Mr. T, Vince McMahon, Lou Albano and Liberace will also be played in the episode, which is set in 1985.

. When the series launched, Lauper was listed as a possible recurring character, so this may not be Lynch's only appearance in the series." The series will return on November 4th and Becky is expected to be identified as Rebecca Quin, her real name, and not Becky Lynch.

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