Ray Nicholson, son of Jack Nicholson, opens up on edgy love story “Borderline” at AFM


Ray Nicholson, son of Jack Nicholson, opens up on edgy love story “Borderline” at AFM

Ray, son of Jack Nicholson who is a recipient of numerous accolades including 3 Academy Awards, 1 Grammy Award, 3 BAFTA alongside 7 Golden Globe Awards among others, has recently opened up on his comedy thriller “Borderline”.

Jimmy Warden wrote the screenplay of “Borderline” and directed the film. Apart from "Borderline," Ray Nicholson, the son of actor and filmmaker John Nicholson who is widely contemplated as one of the greatest actors of all time, seems to be receiving a raft of new projects, too as the 32-year-old Nicholson family member has reportedly been extremely busy lately.

Ray Nicholson opens up on “Borderline”

Storyline of Borderline is centred around a helpless sociopath (Nicholson) who escapes from a mental institution and invades the home of a pop superstar from the 90s. Meanwhile, speaking in an interview with a press agency, Ray Nicholson opens up on “Borderline” saying “When I read the script, I said to myself — what a cute love story!

I loved it immediately, and I was fortunate enough to meet with Jimmy Warden, and we hit it off and nerded-out over movies, and from that point he really trusted me”. While having been asked what has drawn him to the material of the movie, Nicholson said, “Most of what I’m looking for is the classic anti-hero character, and I think we’re losing our grip on that type of character who is both flawed and yet likable, so the script was appealing in that sense.

Right now, there’s a tendency to seek out this idea of moral perfection in characters that doesn’t really exist, and I like playing people who you may not like, but that you love. I’m always looking for material that I can connect to on a personal level”.