“Black Adam” leads sluggish weekend in domestic box office


“Black Adam” leads sluggish weekend in domestic box office
“Black Adam” leads sluggish weekend in domestic box office

“Black Adam,” the Dyane Johnson-starred $185-million action-adventure had topped the North American box office for a third straight week in a row, while the film had grossed an $18.5 million coming into third weekend after release, showing off a relatively better hold compared to last week.

“Black Adam” had had a hold of only 41 per cent last week, below-average for any action-adventure movie, nonetheless, the film appeared to have curetted a decent upsum in international market, as the movie had generated a $319 million across the globe so far.

“Black Adam” had had a grossing of $137.3 million in domestic box office. However, the latest installation of Warner Bros standalone superhero film needs to go far to vindicate its massive $195-million budget excluding promotions.

“Black Adam” tops domestic box office

Aside from “Black Adam,” a new anime titled as “One Piece Film Red” had performed well, as the animation had garnered an upsum of $9.47 million from 2,367 silver screens in North America, while the movie ended the sluggish weekend at second place after “Black Adam”.

Apart from that, “Ticket to Paradise” lands at third place with a revenue of $8.5 million, as the film had been showing off an auspicious excellence in holds. The film had had a tantalizing 86 per cent in holds coming into third weekend after release compared to previous week.

“Ticket to Paradise” has shelved a $46.7 million so far and appears to be well en-route to amass crowds over the rest of fall. Paramount’s flabbergasting hit, “Smile,” stood at fourth spot with a $4 million at its coffer, as the horror has been closing in a $100 million mark in the North America.