Lindsay Lohan discusses the possibility of a sequel to Mean Girls

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Lindsay Lohan discusses the possibility of a sequel to Mean Girls

The teen comedy Mean Girls has been a pop culture phenomenon for 18 years, and there is no doubt that it will continue to be so for quite some time to come. Internet memes and real-world merchandise continue to be inspired by the film.

Lindsay Lohan discussed the possibility of a sequel with the original cast. "It's in Tina Fey's hands," Lohan said. Lohan previously stated that she would be interested in doing the sequel. "If anyone has asked for this more than I have, please tell me," Lohan said in 2019.

"I've said so many times, and so many people have asked me, and I think we'd have so much fun doing it. Tina and Lorne [Michaels] are so amazing and to bring everyone back together would be great. Last time I was in New York, I went up to Lorne, and I was like, 'Please!' It's in their hands."

Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a dream for Lindsay Lohan

"I think I'm always the kind of person that I see what comes and take it as it comes, wherever the scripts lead me," Lohan told Forbes. "I love doing 'rom coms' so that's always something that I'm going to look for and do a ton of when the time is right, but there's definitely other – I've never done an action film.

I would love to do something with Marvel – just seeing what comes my way and I'm open to different roles."

Lohan's new Christmas Movie

Lindsay Lohan played the lead role in this year's first Christmas movie released on Netflix.

In "Falling for Christmas," the struggling actress makes her television debut. The story revolves around a newly engaged spoiled hotel heiress who has an accident while skiing. The handsome owner of the cottage and his precocious daughter take care of him during this difficult time as he loses his memory.

According to Imdb, the film has a rating of 5.6, but is slowly climbing in Netflix's trending section. "I liked the character and her arc. I haven’t really gotten to play a character like Sierra, who is aloof and running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

I’ve never had the opportunity to play an heiress, so that was really exciting for me. I like to play a character where you can see the softer side of her. To come back after not doing movies for so long—almost a decade—I wanted to find something [where] people can relate to both sides of her character.

And it’s really heartwarming. I love a light love story: It’s not too heavy or deep. It made me really happy when I read it, and it made me laugh out loud—and that was important." she told The Guardian.