DisCONNECTED: the details of the MTV movie

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DisCONNECTED: the details of the MTV movie

DisCONNECTED is a 2011 film. It is a controversial and engaging film, which leaves the viewer dumbfounded at the end of the vision.

Here all the details

DisCONNECTED website summary said: "DisCONNECTED tells the story of four young people living in different cities who know each other through a live streaming site.

Isaiah is a big presence on the site, but has trouble relating to his girlfriend Nikki when they're together. Lisa's attraction to her boyfriend Jack - who she met online - heats up as she makes plans to meet up with him. Maria's constant texting of her boyfriend John ignites a break-up feud that extends to their friends and profiles.

Tom refuses to reveal his identity when he posts his music online, but antagonizes others from the safety of his bedroom laptop. All of them are dealing with digital drama that complicates their loves, friendships and lives.

One night, it all spins out of control." MTV says about the film: "MTV today announced it will premiere its newest original TV movie, (dis) connected, on Monday, October 10 at 9 p.m. ET / PT. (Dis) connected tells the story of four young people whose lives unexpectedly collide online and illustrates how growing up digital can complicated life and love.

Although the characters have never met in-person before, they have an extraordinary impact on one another, culminating in one night none of them could have imagined. (dis) connected is inspired in part by the true, tragic tale of Abraham Biggs, a 19-year-old who battled bipolar disorder and ultimately webcast his suicide after being egged on by a digital mob." Official story: "4 Teenagers.

4 different cities. Living large online through social networks, texting, and live streaming. More open, more immediate, more friends, more danger, more control. They project what they want others to see. Say anything , do anything; to get a response from online friends who understand.

Faster, se*ier, meaner. Real life doesn't cut it. Too many expectations. Too many disappointments. Too boring. 4 teens whose worlds collide one night on a live streaming site. One of them loses control. Shot entirely with the tools of modern communication; 5D Cannon, Laptop webcam, cell phones. Laptop 3D after FX integrate live action and graphics to create their online existence."