Jennifer Lopez releases her first album in eight years


Jennifer Lopez releases her first album in eight years

Jennifer Lopez, the 53-year-old American singer, actress and dancer who is currently married to American actor Ben Affleck that happens to be the mother-of-two’s fourth marriage, had announced her first album in eight years.

Lopez’s new album is titled as “This is Me…Now,” as the album is believed to be a chronicle of “emotional, spiritual and psychological” journey of the 53-year-old actress over past two decades.

Aside from that, this has been claimed that the record would likely to depict Lopez’s childhood, her numerous unsuccessful relationships alongside “The incredible emotional journey she has been on. … This album is a philosophy, a reflection, a zeitgeist moment.

It’s about hope, faith and true love never dying”

Jennifer Lopez announces first album in eight years

The album’s news release said, “Heralding a new era of music for Jennifer Lopez, ‘This Is Me…Now’ chronicles the emotional, spiritual and psychological journey that she has taken over the past two decades.

An emotionally raw and honest project, unlike any she has produced before, she writes and sings about her life and experiences that will resonate with us all. In addition, these autobiographical stories informed by the album will result in other very personal projects that will be released next year…more to come on that”.

Here is the track list of Lopez’s new release

  1. This Is Me … Now
  2. Be Yours
  3. Mad in Love
  4. Can’t Get Enough
  5. Rebound
  6. not. going. anywhere.
  7. Dear Ben pt. ll
  8. Hummingbird
  9. Hearts and Flowers
  10. Broken Like Me
  11. This Time Around
  12. Midnight Trip to Vegas
  13. Greatest Love Story Never Told
Lopez was quoted saying in a Vogue interview that the album would be the most honest work she has ever done.

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