Disney’s “Strange World” bombs with $18.6mln as “Wakanda Forever” repeats no 1


Disney’s “Strange World” bombs with $18.6mln as “Wakanda Forever” repeats no 1

There had not been many more things to be thankful of at the Thanksgiving box office as Disney’s “Strange World” fails to make impact, while Wakanda repeats no 1 position. “Strange World” tumbled at its debut with an $11.9 million from 4,174 N.

American silver screens over the weekend. However, the film is expected to earn between a range of $30 million to $40 million during the long weekend. Aside from that, “Strange World” could not make grounds at international box office as well, as the overrated film had earned only $9.2 million from 43 international markets over the weekend.

So far, total grossing of “Strange World” stands at $18.6 million domestically, while the film’s international grossing stood at $27.8 million.

“Strange World” collapses as Wakanda Forever holds no 1 position

If truth is to be told, “Strange World” should be contemplated as a disastrous result for Disney, as the film studio has always been considered as a gold standard in animation film industry.

Nonetheless, before release of “Strange World,” Disney tumbled terribly during the pandemic-led restriction, as Disney’s “Lightyear” had failed to impress, one of the few Pixar films that lost money during the theatrical run apart from “Encanto”.

Nevertheless, “Strange World” is expected to lose as many as $100 million during its theatrical run.

“Strange World” had had a budget of $180 million. Aside from that, coming into the third week after release, domestic tally of “Wakanda Forever” had reached $367 million, as the film had tallied around $64 million over the weekend.

Across the globe, “Wakanda Forever” had necked a whopping $675 million landmark thus far.