Wednesday, between doubts, shadows and its true light: Jenna Ortega


Wednesday, between doubts, shadows and its true light: Jenna Ortega
Wednesday, between doubts, shadows and its true light: Jenna Ortega

Wednesday, Tim Burton's new Netflix series centered around the character played by Christina Ricci at the time, in the two 1990s Addams Family films, is played by Jenna Ortega. The series is certainly a good product but there are discrepancies and moments that are not fully convincing.

Questionable narrative choices, despite the fact that the true light of the series is precisely the interpretation of Jenna Ortega, the happiest note of the entire production. Wednesday allows the protagonist to take us by the hand and lead us along an investigation story with Wednesday Addams at the center.

The series pays homage to freaks, to the grotesque and gothic, with a less accentuated touch than Burton's past works, stopping a little more in the teen themes. Although there are references in the series.

Wednesday, between doubts, shadows and its true light: Jenna Ortega

Nevermore Academy at the center of an intriguing story, yes, but which does not bring any novelty to the canons (Does it remind you of something about Hogwarts and Harry Potter?), but is always pleasantly flowing, amuses and entertains, also proposing the scheme of monstrosity as an element.

Tim Burton exalts freaks and trivializes normals, showing both strengths and weaknesses. The final part of the episodes presents a frankly predictable twist, which however can be understood thanks to the director's expedients, therefore functional, coherent and well designed.

The problem is that he loses in the other twist which is far too left to chance and not very effective. Overall Wednesday is pleasant, a little predictable and with Burton traits (but only traits), but it makes up for it with a smooth and fun plot, and a protagonist, Jenna Ortega, really takes center stage.

Spoiler Alert!

Al Gough and Miles Millar, creators of the series, talked about the twist on the villain, revealed in the season finale. Throughout the episodes, a teacher from Nevermore Academy is shown as a staunch supporter of Wednesday.

The character is Marilyn Thornhill, played by Christina Ricci, the historical face of Wednesday in Barry Sonnenfeld's 90s films. Miss Thornhill is revealed in the finale as Laurel Gates, a descendant of the evil Joseph Crackstone.

Here are Gough and Millar's comments on it: "Thornhill has always been the big baddie. She was the mastermind behind the operation. Actually, when we cast Christina there was a flashing red light on her, we were concerned that people find out.

But we think what's really helped is that we have a great team of actors and actresses in all the big roles."

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