Fox fall 2013-14 schedule: what to see

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Fox fall 2013-14 schedule: what to see

Fox has announced the autumn schedule: Bones moves to Fridays, Glee remains on Thursdays but goes into winter break and will be replaced by Rake. New Girl will follow the Super Bowl, returns 24. Bones returns on Mondays, but only in autumn: the show will move, after to Friday evening, with Help me Hope and the new Enlisted, to make room for Almost Human.

The Following will return in the midseason. The new comedies are Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, while New Girl conquers the slot after the Super Bowl, scheduled for February. Glee returns on Thursday nights, but will go on hiatus in the midseason and will return in the spring, replaced by Rake.

Fox fall 2013-14 schedule: what to see

There will be the return of 24, with an event miniseries, aired in 2014. Twelve episodes that will tell about another day of Jack Bauer, but without the story in real time. Fox also announced nine new TV series for the upcoming TV season, four dramas and five comedies, which add to the shows already renewed in recent weeks.

As for drama, J.J. returns. Abrams with Almost Human a series that is very reminiscent of Robocop, in which the protagonists will be policemen and robots with human features. Sleepy Hollow, a modern version of the famous story, has also been ordered.

Rake, on the other hand, is a remake of an Australian series. Among the unordered shows, Boomerang, starring Felicity Huffman. Among the comedies, there is the return to TV of Alexis Bledel with Us & Them, a remake of an English show, and the debut in the series with real actors of Seth MacFarlane with Dads, six episodes in which two boys will have to endure their fathers.

About Dads: created by Seth MacFarlane, it's his first TV series shot with real actors. Eli and Warner founded a company that produces successful video games. Eli is very childish, and lives in Warner's house, who is married to Camila, has two children and is always anxious.

Their life changes when their broke fathers move in with them: Crawford is Warner's father, who has never found the right idea to make money, while David is Eli's father, always pessimistic. Thirteen episodes. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Fuzzy Door Productions.

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