“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” tops box office, as “Violent Night” takes 2nd spot

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“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” tops box office, as “Violent Night” takes 2nd spot

In a muted pre-holiday season box office, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” had again topped in the North America, while Universal’s new holiday thriller “Violent Night” ended up at second spot.

Coming into the fourth weekend after release, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” had added $17.6 million from 3,855 theatres, bringing its domestic tally to $393.7 million in less than a month. However, the R-rated action-comedy, “Violent Night” could not gather enough Christmas momentum to take on the Wakandan, as the David Harbour starring film landed $13.3 million from 3,682 silver screens across the North America.

This has been the only new release of this weekend. Nonetheless, “Violent Night” had performed better internationally when compared to domestic box office, as the film which has been met with a modestly warm welcome from critics, had notched a $7.03 million across the globe.

Besides, “Violent Night” received a rating of 71 per cent from the critics of Rotten Tomatoes, while the critics of Metacritic had rated the movie at a below-par 55 per cent. However, despite having had a gloomy opening weekend, “Violent Night” should coffer up a generous upsum in profits, as the low-budget movie’s production cost stood at only $20 million excluding promotions.

“Wakanda Forever” rules again as audiences await Avatar 2

Meanwhile, labelling the opening of “Violent Night” a decent one, in particular in presence of “Wakanda Forever,” chief of movie consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research, David A.

Gross said, “This is a solid opening for an action comedy. The film should have room to play for another week and a half before ‘Avatar 2’ takes over”. Besides, Disney’s animated adventure “Strange World” which could witness a loss of above a whacking $100 million, could not rebound and shelved only $4.9 million coming into its second weekend and has taken up the third spot.