The Place Beyond the Pines movie trailer

Filming took place in July 2011 and lasted until January 2012 due to the death of the director

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The Place Beyond the Pines movie trailer

The Place Beyond the Pines is a film starring Ryan Gosling, who previously worked with Cianfrance on 2010's Blue Valentine. It co-stars Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes and Rose Byrne. The latter replaced Greta Gerwig, initially cast in the role of Avery Cross's wife.

The cast is completed by Ray Liotta in the role of a corrupt cop, Ben Mendelsohn, Dane DeHaan and Bruce Greenwood. The soundtrack by Mike Patton, in addition to original compositions by the author himself, includes music by various artists including Arvo Pärt, Bon Iver, Ennio Morricone and Vladimir Ivanoff.

Filming took place in July 2011 and lasted until January 2012 due to the death of the director. They were filmed primarily in upstate New York between Schenectady, Niskayuna and Scotia. The project to make the film had been in the pipeline for several years.

The idea had arisen after the birth of Cianfrance's son and was inspired by a work by Jack London. The film was made possible by young producers Alex Orlovsky, Lynette Howell and Jamie Patricof. Here is the movie trailer:

Here is the plot of the film

1997: Luke Glanton is a skilled motorcycle racer who works as a stuntman in a traveling show.

During a show held in New York, he receives a visit from his old partner, Romina, and learns that he is the father of her son. Luke decides to quit his job as a stuntman to stay in the city and prevent the child from growing up without a father, as happened to him instead.

Despite this, Romina does not want to involve him in the child's life, also because of her new relationship with another man named Kofi. Luke thus manages to find a job in Robin's workshop, while repeatedly trying to fit into his life as a son.

Due to his low salary, Luke asks Robin for more money so that he can help raise his son. However, Robin reveals that she cannot pay him, and that the only way to get a good amount of money is to organize a bank robbery, which he had already done successfully four times.

Despite the initial reluctance Luke thus agrees to participate in some robberies in small local banks, using the motorcycle to escape and hide, and then climb onto the loading compartment of a truck driven by the partner and parked nearby, thus completing the escape.
Luke uses the part of the money earned to regain the trust of Romina, who discovers she is still in love with him, thus managing to spend even more time with her son.

However, the motorcyclist ends up colliding with Romina's partner, attacking him during an argument and ending up in prison for aggravated injuries. Robin bails him out, and as soon as Luke gets outside, he decides to immediately resume their bank robberies.

Robin however, not wanting to risk too much, refuses and in order not to allow his friend to go crazy, he dismantles his motorbike. However, Luke, determined to do everything despite Romina's refusal to start a new life with him, threatens Robin with a gun, taking back the bail money.

Thus he continues his mad race, but the robbery conducted alone ends badly, and ends with his death, which occurred in a firefight with the policeman Avery Cross, also a recent father.