Even Lady Gaga dances on TikTok like Jenna Ortega in Wednesday!

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Even Lady Gaga dances on TikTok like Jenna Ortega in Wednesday!
Even Lady Gaga dances on TikTok like Jenna Ortega in Wednesday!

Wednesday Dance, the famous ballet performed by Jenna Ortega in Tim Burton's Netflix series, Wednesday, is depopulating on social media. On TikTok, Lady Gaga, on the notes of her Bloody Mary, has reinterpreted her song just like Jenna Ortega would have done.

Jenna, in a recent interview, said: "I'm not a dancer, I think you understood. But I liked to improvise the choreography: I had received the piece the week before the shooting, so I pulled out all I could. It's crazy because it was my first day with Covid, filming was terrible: I asked to redo the scene, but there was no more time.

I could have done it a little better. The inspiration? I found it by watching the videos with the goth kids who danced in clubs in the 80s. But also from music videos by Lene Lovich, from performances by Siouxsie and the Banshees."

Even Lady Gaga dances on TikTok like Jenna Ortega in Wednesday!

Regarding Lady Gaga's reinvention, Jenna Ortega said: "I saw Bloody Mary ballet. I know Lady Gaga fans are called the little monsters. So I approve!" Joy Sunday, who played mermaid Bianca Barclay on Wednesday, spoke about her character and the show's success: "When Bianca came into my life, I was honestly so happy to play her it was an opportunity to soften and expand a character like her.

I was just excited to be able to contribute and to be able to really provide a nuanced view of the bad girl, the strong girl. I was lucky to play her. I think I'm much nicer at first, but in many ways I and Bianca are very similar.

I realized that she has built walls around herself to protect herself. I approached her with empathy as I tried to understand her, to understand her past. When Wednesday arrives for the first time, I think Bianca sees her as a threat because they are both really good at what they do.

And so, Bianca's intentions always seem full of mischief. But in the end, Bianca is able to gr ado to understand and appreciate Wednesday. Now there's an opportunity for growth in their relationship because of that understanding."

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