Wednesday rewrites Netflix history: the data is crazy!

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Wednesday rewrites Netflix history: the data is crazy!
Wednesday rewrites Netflix history: the data is crazy!

Wednesday, Tim Burton's new series focused on the eldest daughter of the Addams family became one of the most watched English-language shows in the history of the streaming platform in the space of a few weeks. Since its Netflix debut, Wednesday has clocked in at 752.5 million hours of views.

Wednesday is the most watched series in 89 territories where the service is available, and in the first week alone the hours of views had settled at around 341 million. The overall result is truly remarkable and projects it to third place in the ranking of the most watched shows ever on Netflix, precisely in second place, after Stranger Things 4 and Dahmer and ahead of Jeffrey Dahmer series.

Series showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar said: “For us it's always about looking to the future, and when we set down to create a show we do it with multiple seasons in mind. show is successful, so we always think of at least three or four seasons of potential storyline for the characters.

This can then evolve and change. Often, you prefer to focus on the most popular characters or the ones you'd rather develop. So the intention is to keep it open enough and organic enough that we can adapt and evolve it, but we certainly have a clear enough vision of what we would like to do in future seasons."

Wednesday plot

Wednesday Addams is a high school student with a peculiar character, who proves dangerous for the other students of her high school, where, to defend her brother Pugsley, she adopts somewhat extreme solutions which lead to her expulsion for attempted murder against a swimmer, leading his own team that stalks and bullies Pugsley.

Her parents, Morticia and Gomez, thus decide to take Wednesday to Nevermore Academy, a private school attended by normal and rejected individuals with supernatural powers, in which they studied themselves during their adolescence.

Initially hostile, Wednesday will soon find her ease, cultivate genuine friendships for the first time, and learn to master her psychic powers to shed light on the events that befell her family 25 years earlier, and to thwart a series of murders affecting the town of Jericho that houses the school.

At the same time Wednesday, also thanks to her psychic gifts, gradually discovers secrets and disturbing implications of the town of Jericho and its founder, Joseph Crackstone, a religious fanatic at the head of a sect of pilgrims who, in the early seventeenth century, they had occupied the town exterminating the previous inhabitants, accusing them of witchcraft.

Among them was also a Goody Adams, distant ancestor of Wednesday, who managed to escape the carnage and kill Joseph Crackstone.


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