“Avatar: The Way of Water” logs $56 million in second weekend as “Babylon” bombs

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“Avatar: The Way of Water” logs $56 million in second weekend as “Babylon” bombs

“Avatar: The Way of Water,” the James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel of “Avatar” (2009) which is still the highest grossing movie across the globe of all times, dominates box office with a $56 million in revenues, while a massive winter storm appears to have kept a large number of potential audiences locked at their homes.

In the matter of the fact, the extreme winter weather this year in the US has been a major drag for theatre owners, as a large influx of revenues usually takes place between December 24 and January 1. Due to the freezing temperature outside across the US, gusts of cold breezes alongside a barrage of blankets of snows, had already sending shockwaves across the Hollywood, as grossing was severed severely over the Christmas Eve, while three new releases this week had botched to make impacts, too.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” dominates frigid domestic box office

Despite a freezing temperature in most parts of the US with a massive winter storm lurking over the horizon, “Avatar: The Way of Water” had racked up a modest number this week, as the film’s grossing stood at $56 million over the weekend.

So far, “Avatar: The Way of Water” grossed a modest $278 million in domestic box office. Nonetheless, the R-Rated “Pandora” had failed to impress and its revenues stood at $3.5 million over the weekend, while the $80-million film would likely to face a whopping theatrical loss following a terrible start.

However, the film is expected to earn around a $5.3 million by Monday night. "Avatar: The Way of Water" is expected to become a billion-dollar epic by end-2022.