Glass Onion director praised Dave Bautista's acting skills

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Glass Onion director praised Dave Bautista's acting skills

In a recent interview granted to The Athletic, Rian Johnson, director of the film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, spent nice words for former WWE star Dave Bautista. Jophnson said: "While I was writing the character of Duke Cody, I immediately thought of Dave Bautista.

That idea tickled me from the first moment and I have not regretted the choice I made. Batista has shown that he has the right stuff for to be an actor. Dave is a very sincere and genuine man, who manages to convey a great human warmth.

His performance made me enthusiastic. Many people tend to identify Batista with his physicality and athleticism, but he's able to bring sensibilities to his characters as well." In a recent interview with Lauren Larson for Men's Health, Dave recalled the beginnings of his WWE career: "I couldn't be comfortable in that context.

The truth is that people didn't like me very much, I was doing something wrong and The company didn't know what to do to turn the tide. They had no idea what my role would be. It was a very toxic atmosphere. You have to know that wrestling is a competitive and cutthroat business, you don't get that much chance to show your talent."

Glass Onion director praised Dave Bautista's acting skills

Batista took many satisfactions during his experience in WWE and was undoubtedly one of the most loved athletes by fans.

Dave is a six-time world champion, having held the heavyweight title four times and the WWE Championship twice. His career in this business officially ended at WrestleMania 35, after he lost to his friend Triple H in a No-Holds Barred match.

After hanging up his boots, The Animal tried to make it into the film world following in the footsteps of John Cena and The Rock. Batista has taken part in several films in recent years and his career in Hollywood is booming.