Sylvester Stallone: "Pelé is great and a good man"


Sylvester Stallone: "Pelé is great and a good man"

Sylvester Stallone also pays tribute to the memory of Pelé, who died yeasteday at 82 year-old. The Italian-American actor starred with the Brazilian soccer legend in the famous film Victory, and on his Instagram profile he posted a photo of them together, with the message of condolence: "Rest in peace"

The stars pay homage to Pelé

Roger Federer pays tribute to O Rei on his social profiles: "Thank you for inspiring millions of sports fans and athletes.

I feel so lucky to have met you and had the opportunity to learn and admire you. You were one of the first true global sports icons . Rest in peace King Pele." German national soccer manager Hansi Flick said: "For me he was and is the king of football.

His game was close to perfection, he was complete, he had no weaknesses. Pelé could do everything. He was not only a top scorer, he also shone with His eye for his teammates, his assists and passes were worth seeing as his goals.

Pelé leaves a void that can never be filled." President-elect of Brazil, Inacio Lula da Silva, wrote on Instagram: "I saw Pelé put on a show. Because when he took the ball he always did something special, which often ended up in the goal.

But, first of all, I admired him. And anger has soon gave way to the passion of seeing him play with the number 10 shirt of the Brazilian national team. Pelé has left us. He went to heaven with Coutinho, his great companion at Santos.

Now he has the company of many eternal stars: Didi, Garrincha, Nilton Santos , Sócrates, Maradona. He left a certainty: there has never been a number 10 like him. Thanks Pelé." Michel Platini, former France and Juventus star, said: "Pele was Monsieur Calcio, the history of football, the discovery of football, all of football.

In 1970, I was 15, and I grew up with his face in my imagination. My father used to talk to me about Pelé and at school I signed Peléatini. Even if we didn't always see him play, we talked about him. He was no longer a man, he was no longer a footballer, he was the God of Football.

I am very very moved. It's my life It's my story. It's Pelé. It was my dreams. I saw his goals, his plays and I've never forgotten the 1970 World Cup."

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