“Avatar: The Way of Water” dominates New Year’s holidays as global gross tops $1.38bn

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“Avatar: The Way of Water” dominates New Year’s holidays as global gross tops $1.38bn

“Avatar: The Way of Water” had lit up the global box office with a trip to Pandora for the audiences, as James Cameron’s $350 million-$400 million juggernaut had racked up a whopping $1.38 billion in less than sixteen days after release, ruling over the global box offices.

James Cameron’s ambitious sequel of the original “Avatar” (2009), has been delayed for several times with Cameron expanding the storyline. Aside from that, Cameron has reportedly developed a new technology in filmmaking which had helped him perform capture works underwater.

Despite of the delays, Cameron’s “Avatar” sequel had been warmly welcomed by both audiences and critics, as the critics of Rotten Tomatoes had rated the film at a decent 77 per cent, while audiences at IMDb had rated film at 8.0 out of 10.0.

Nonetheless, in terms of global box office, Cameron’s name alone coupled with a sequel of “Avatar” franchise seems sufficient to blow past the grossing of original “Avatar,” which is still the highest grossing film ever with a whopping $2.9 billion at its coffer, suggested analysts.

“Avatar 2” rules over the New Year’s holiday box office

In tandem, over the New Year’s holiday weekend, the film had grossed a $63.4 million domestically over New Year’s weekend so far, while the movie is projected to secure around an $82.4 million over the holiday weekend.

At this standpoint, following an uncompetitive New Year’s holiday weekend with no major releases, “Avatar: The Way of Water” had earned a $421.6 million in domestic box office alongside a $956.9 million globally, totalling its tally to nearly a tantalizing $1.4 billion coming into the sixteenth day after release.

Besides, “Avatar: The Way of Water” has already become the fifteenth-highest global release of all time, just behind “Black Panther”.