“Avatar: The Way of Water” nets $86 million over New Year’s holiday


“Avatar: The Way of Water” nets $86 million over New Year’s holiday

Despite a feebler-than-anticipated opening, the James Cameroon’s sequel of 2009 “Avatar,” “Avatar: The Way of Water,” has netted over a tantalizing $86.3 million during New Year’s holidays in domestic box office, totalling its tally to a whopping $444.4 million in N American box offices.

Apart from that, the film also had topped $1.4 billion across the globe, as China reopening alongside a boisterous inflation-surge had helped swell up the coffer of 20th Century Studios. Nevertheless, the inflation-surge alongside a China re-opening following a three-year long pandemic-led restriction should not undermine the year-long filmmaking efforts from Cameron and his crews, suggested industry analysts.

However, the New Year’s holiday season seems to have lacked competition with “Avatar: The Way of Water” has been dominating all over the world. On top of that, the film had had a drop of only 8 per cent in holds coming into the third weekend after release.

Interestingly, the original “Avatar” also had echoed the same trend and following just a $76 million over the opening weekend, the film had slowly begun to bite harder. Later, the film turns out to be the highest grossing film ever made in the history with a revenue of $2.9 billion.

Meanwhile, F1 analysts are already whispering that “Avatar: The Way of Water” would likely to easily top the revenues of original “Avatar” citing a lacerating inflation-surge alongside a marked lack of new releases that could hinder the progress of “Avatar: The Way of Water”.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” sails over New Year’s holidays

At this standpoint, “Avatar: The Way of Water” stood as the fourteenth-highest grossing film across the globe, ahead of Black Panther.

Apart from “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Universal’s “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” a sequel to “Shrek” franchise, had taken up the second place with a 17 per cent increase in grossing over the extended holiday weekend, racking up a $22.5 million.