Jenna Ortega spent last New Year's Eve with two of her Wednesday colleagues


Jenna Ortega spent last New Year's Eve with two of her Wednesday colleagues
Jenna Ortega spent last New Year's Eve with two of her Wednesday colleagues

Jenna Ortega spent last New Year's Eve with two of her colleagues. George Farmer took care of posting the evidence of what happened on the first night of 2023, who in the series plays the role of Ajax, the boy who begins a story with Enid.

The actor posted on his profile a polaroid in which both Ortega and Percy Hynes White appear, Xavier in Wednesday. The photos, which you can see below, are accompanied by the caption Happy New Year. Wednesday was a real success.

In 28 days since its release it has been watched for more than a billion hours, making it the second most watched English-language series ever on the platform. In recent days there have been several rumors regarding a possible transfer to the Prime Video catalog, rumors which have since been denied.

Jenna, meanwhile, is busy filming a new romantic comedy that will see her alongside her own Percy Hynes White. In fact, after Wednesday the two will act together in Winter Spring Summer or Fall. The story sees Remi and Barnes at the center of the scene, two very different teenagers who will meet in a delicate period of their growth.

The four days they spend together will inexorably change their lives.

Jenna had some relationships that were never officially confirmed, such as that of 2018 with actor Asher Angel (Shazam!), alongside whom she had also presented herself at a Halloween party disguised as Ariana Grande, while he had slipped into the shoes of her then boyfriend Pete Davidson.

In 2017 she would have had a relationship with the singer Jacob Sartorius after meeting him in the set of the video clip Chapstick, where the couple had also exchanged a kiss. Wednesday's ballet went viral on all social media making the 20-year-old a star on TikTok and Instagram.

Jenna received her first 2023 Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress for her portrayal of Wednesday Addams. Jenna Ortega, star of Wednesday, the Netflix series directed by Tim Burton, has a sister who is a TikTok star. Her name is Aliyah and she just turned 18.

She has more than 1 million 200 thousand followers on TikTok and more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram. Aliyah is a champion cheerleader and is also an excellent soccer player. The girl did not participate in the Wednesday challenge which has now invaded the social network.

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