Jenna Ortega had to quit being a vegan during Wednesday's shoot


Jenna Ortega had to quit being a vegan during Wednesday's shoot

Fourth of six children, Jenna Ortega began to develop an interest in acting from the age of six and at the age of eight, accompanied by her mother, she participated in the first castings. The actress should be single at the moment.

In the past she has been rumored to have an alleged relationship with Asher Angel. Jenna has never confirmed or denied the rumors, but the two have appeared at a few social events together. On Netflix Jenna Ortega plays what is to date the most important role of her, namely that of Wednesday Addams, the famous character created in 1940 by Charles Addams as part of the Addams family, in the original series directed by Tim Burton, Wednesday.

Jenna Ortega had to quit being a vegan during Wednesday's shoot

In an interview with Wired, Jenna Ortega said that she had to suspend her vegan diet and include products of animal origin in her diet during all the filming in Romania of the series Wednesday.

She, the actress, had been a vegan for quite some time, but in Romania she was forced to temporarily suspend her vegan diet as the food was very different in the country. It would now appear that the young star of the Netflix series had to stop being a vegan while filming in Romania due to the country's food offerings.

According to local media, Romanian food failed to satisfy her nutritional needs, as she decided to reintroduce fish into her diet. Pescetarians do not eat meat-based foods with the exception of those derived from fish or molluscs.

In the Wednesday cast, in addition to Jenna Ortega, there are also: Gwendoline Christie (the principal Larissa Weems), Jamie McShane (Sheriff Galpin), Percy Hynes White (Xavier Thorpe), Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin), Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair) , Joy Sunday (Bianca Barclay), Naomi J Ogawa (Yoko Tanaka), Moosa Mostafa (Eugene Ottinger), Georgie Farmer (Ajax Petropolus), Riki Lindhome (Dr.ssa Valerie Kinbott) and Christina Ricci (Marilyn Thornhill).

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