“Avatar 2” and “M3GAN” rule again in box office

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“Avatar 2” and “M3GAN” rule again in box office
“Avatar 2” and “M3GAN” rule again in box office

Coming into the fifth weekend after release, James Cameron’s “Avatar: The Way of Water” continued to rack up a hefty upsum as the film had stayed at the top place in domestic box office over the weekend with a $31.1 million from 4,045 silver screens.

If truth is to be told, the domestic box office usually remains calm in January following a busy Christmas and New Year holiday schedule, however, the sequel of original “Avatar” (2009), the highest grossing film in the history of movie-making, “Avatar: The Way of Water” kept melting down the ices of a January box office.

Apart from the “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Universal’s viral horror has performed well over the four-day long Martin Luther King Jr holiday weekend in the US.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” stays at first place in domestic box office

Aside from the domestic box office, the billion-dollar juggernaut of James Cameron, had generated an eye-propping $1.89 billion across the globe so far, stoking possibilities of reaching a $2 billion landmark within January, while several analysts were quoted saying over recent past that the film’s upbeat hold in revenues had led them to a belief that the film has potential to surpass the grossing of original “Avatar”.

More importantly, the film had secured a $570 million in domestic box office, $70 million more than what the original “Avatar” had shelved over its first five weekends back in the 2009s. Nonetheless, “M3GAN” finished the weekend behind “Avatar: The Way of Water” with a promising total of $17.9 million from 3,605 silver screens over the weekend.

The film had had a hold of 60 per cent coming into the second weekend after release, marking off a killer result for a horror film that had had a budget of $12 million excluding promos.


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