The best movies of 2022: The Fabelmans and Aftersun

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The best movies of 2022: The Fabelmans and Aftersun
The best movies of 2022: The Fabelmans and Aftersun

There were many exciting and interesting movies released in the year 2022. As part of this article, we will introduce two great films that left a lasting impression on many people. 1. THE FABELMANS (Steven Spielberg, USA) "Fabelmans" is the most emotionally emotional and filmophilic of all recent autobiographical films by well-known directors about their formative childhood and/or youth ("Roma", "The Hand Of God", "Belfast", "Armageddon Time") and is the most readily recognizable.

The emotions in Spielberg's best film since "Artificial Intelligence" and "Special Report" have been described as magical and realistic, not so Spielbergian sentimental. Amidst the ecstasy and agony of Spielberg's early love affair with film as well as his experience and survival of his parents' separation, "The Fabelmans" shifts emotional registers from ecstasy to agony.

A film about how Spielberg became Spielberg, but a film that every film fan can recognize as well. "The Fabelmans" is a film about how Spielberg became Spielberg, but also a film that everyone can relate to.

2. AFTERSUN(Charlotte Wells, Great Britain)

There is hardly a better contemporary film than "Aftersun" about a father-daughter relationship (Paul Mescal, Frankie Corio), which reveals the motifs of memory and time.

'Summer Vacation' is Charlotte Wells' bittersweet debut, a personal evocation of her father's summer vacation. Trying to understand what her father was thinking and worrying about from an adult perspective, the director created an intimate film based on a wonderful and painful memory.

In order to get answers to some unanswered questions the viewer also asks, she recalls her own summer vacations with her parents and tries to fill in the gaps in her memory. A film that is already relatable and universal becomes even more dramatic and relatable by Wells' refusal to explain or explain.

From the opening to the final heartbreaking frame, just as the director combines the snapshots of her own elusive memories, so does the viewer. At the film's climax, lost time is played out on a dance floor that is emotionally devasting.