"Avatar: The Way of Water" tops Holland's Spidey as sixth-biggest film of all time


"Avatar: The Way of Water" tops Holland's Spidey as sixth-biggest film of all time

Earlier in the week, James Cameron’s billion-dollar blockbuster “Avatar: The way of water” had topped “Spider-Man: No Way Home” with a grossing of a whacking $1.92 billion globally, becoming the six-largest film of all time.

In the matter of the fact, latest achievement of “Avatar: The way of water,” the James Cameron’s sequel of “Avatar” (2009) which is still the highest-grossing film across the globe with a revenue of an eye-propping $2.9 billion, came forth as the film has been eyeing a major milestone of a revenue of $2 billion, Only five films so far had joined the league of legends including the original “Avatar,” “Avenger: End Game” alongside “Avengers: Infinity War” among others.

In tandem, after reaching a $2 billion-mark, “Avatar: The way of water” will be the first pandemic-era film to lay the footprints on such a tantalizing landmark. However, at this standpoint, it seems highly likely that the film would easily top a $2 billon-barrier in a near-term outlook.

Cameron’s “Avatar: The way of water” reaches $1.92 billion globally

So far, Cameron’s “Avatar: The way of water” had tallied a total of a $574 million in domestic box office, while the film had added a whopping $1.35 billion globally.

Breaking off the figure, unsurprisingly, the film is underperforming in Japan as the country has been scuffling amid an economic melt-down, as the original “Avatar” had grossed a $176 million across the country.

However, the shortfall appeared to have undermined by an overwhelming response from the audiences of China, where the film is projected to total an upsum of $217 million. Aside from that, “Avatar: The way of water” had racked up a $123 million in France, a $93.6 million in Korea alongside a $108 million in Germany.