“Avatar 2” continues to dominate box office, “Puss in Boots” sequel surprises

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“Avatar 2” continues to dominate box office, “Puss in Boots” sequel surprises

James Cameron’s “Avatar: The way of life,” continues to dominate domestic box office as the billion-dollar chartbuster has claimed the number one spot again, while “Puss in boots” sequel stays surprisingly strong.

On top of that, coming into the sixth weekend after release, “Avatar: The way of life” had topped a $2-bn landmark, becoming the sixth movie ever built to fetch such a scintillating figure across the global box offices.

Grossing of “Avatar: The way of life” is currently standing at $2.02 billion, chartering at a spitting distance to Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War,” which had had a grossing of $2.04 billion.

“Avatar: The way of life” claims top spot in domestic box office

According to domestic box office data, the sci-fi blockbuster, which continues to break off records in global box offices with a grossing of $2 billion in less than six weeks after release, still maintains a strong hold, as its revenues fell roughly 40 per cent compared to prior week.

In the Northern American box office, the film currently stands as the thirteenth-highest grossing movie of all times in the history with a revenue of $598 million, just behind “Incredibles 2” which had a grossing of $608 million.

Apart from “Avatar: The way of life,” Universal’s “Puss in Boots” remained surprisingly strong, as the film had fetched an $11.5 million coming into the fifth weekend after release. The film had racked up a $297 million globally.

Among new releases, Sony’s thriller, “Missing” took the fourth place with a grossing of $9.3 million, marking off a decent start contemplating the film’s budget. “Missing” had had a budget of just $7 million excluding promotions.