“Outlander” star Lauren Lyle reflects on “Blood of my blood” spin-off

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“Outlander” star Lauren Lyle reflects on “Blood of my blood” spin-off
“Outlander” star Lauren Lyle reflects on “Blood of my blood” spin-off

As shooting of the seventh season of immensely popular TV series “Outlander” continues, the “Outlander” star Lauren Lyle had reflected on “Blood of my blood” spin-off. In point of fact, “Outland: Blood of my blood” is based on a love story between Fraser’s parents, Elien Mackenzie and Brian Fraser, while the spin-off will reportedly not include Jamie’s future daughter-by-marriage.

Lauren Lyle opens up on “Blood of my blood” spin-off

Meanwhile, speaking with the reporters in the backstage of Outlander’s shooting spot, Lyle appears to be cautious while making remarks over her role on “Blood of my blood” spin-off, as she acknowledged, “I don’t know what I’m allowed to say actually”.

Nonetheless, while having been insisted to push forth some hints for the audiences ahead of the show’s release, Lyle said, “If you were to read the books, then I think you know more about what is to come or what is not to come”.

Besides, addressing to the dream sequence of the fifth and final season of “Never My Love,” Lyle stressed that Marsali and Fergus had been quite comfortable at a 1960-ear backdrop, adding, “When we did the dream sequence, I walked on set, I had my own hair that was really long at the time and a little yellow dress.

Everyone was like, ‘This is the time that Marsali’s meant to be from” However, as one spin-off could unleash the possibility of another, Lyle continued, “I’d be right up for it”. On top of that, expressing optimism over another spin-off of “Outlander,” Lyle added, “It’d be lovely if we could see Marsali do something new. Only time will tell”.