Stephen Dorff: Marvel movies suck

'Marvel is used to me trashing them anyway'

by Sead Dedovic
Stephen Dorff: Marvel movies suck

Stephen Dorff commented on the new Blade movie from Marvel. Speaking to The Daily Beast, Dorff thinks Marvel makes bad movies. 'God bless them, they're making a bunch of money, but their movies suck,' he said. Dorff was part of the original Blade movie which gained huge popularity.

He thinks that Marvel's product can't even come close to that. 'How's that PG Blade movie going for you, that can't get a director? Because anybody who goes there is going to be laughed at by everyone, because we already did it and made it the best,' he continued.

He thinks that without Steve Norrington that product cannot be perfect. 'There's no Steve Norrington out there. Marvel is used to me trashing them anyway.'

Role in the new movie

He would accept the role only under certain conditions.

He thinks that if things were like when he was filming, and if they satisfied his taste, only then would I accept the offer. "I would only take part in it if they were more like when I started when we made Blade or the few that have been decent over the years, like when [Christopher] Nolan did The Dark Knight and reinvented Batman from Tim Burton.'

'All this other garbage is just embarrassing, you know what I mean?' he added. Black Adam is a film that is clearly not to his taste. Dorff believes that such things cannot be remembered. 'Nobody’s remembering Black Adam at the end of the day.

I didn’t even see that movie, it looked so bad,' he said. Marvel will not stop with the production of films that have brought them huge popularity in the last few days. Marvel Studio has serious plans as it is evident that they have caught the attention of movie lovers so far. Many more projects are expected from them.