“Avatar: The Way of Water” enters all-time top 10 in domestic box office


“Avatar: The Way of Water” enters all-time top 10 in domestic box office

“Avatar: The Way of Water,” the James Cameron’s $400-million juggernaut excluding promos, had topped another milestone earlier over the weekend, as the film had entered into the league of legend of top-ten highest grossing films in domestic box office.

In the matter of the fact, as of Friday night, the film’s revenue in domestic box office stood at $623.5 million, topping the “The Avengers” which had had a grossing in N American box office of $623.4 million.

Aside from that, “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the billion-dollar chartbuster of James Cameron which already became the fourth-largest grossing film worldwide with a revenue of a whopping $2.13 billion, is widely expected to surpass “Titanic” over the weekend, too.

"Titanic", another marvel of James Cameron currently stood as the third-largest grossing film worldwide. At this standpoint, apart from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and “Star War” franchise, three out of top five grossing films across the globe are directed by James Cameron.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” enters into top-ten grossing films globally

Concomitantly, the long-delayed sequel of 2009’s Avatar, which is still the highest grossing film across the globe with a total of a whacking $2.9 billion, has become the second-fastest movie to top the $2bn landmark, while “Avenger: Endgame” has been the fastest film to surpass the milestone.

Nonetheless, “Avengers: Endgame” had briefly topped the original "Avatar" earlier last year, however, followed by a relaunch of the film in China, the original “Avatar” again had cemented its stance as the highest-grossing film internationally.

On top of that, following the latest achievement of “Avatar: The Way of Water,” several analysts are expecting the film to become the first-ever movie in the history of filmmaking to pass the $3 billion landmark.