“Knock at the cabin” tops box office as “Avatar 2” stalled at third


“Knock at the cabin” tops box office as “Avatar 2” stalled at third

After topping the domestic box office for straight seven weekends, “Avatar: The Way of Water” had been knocked down by the Universal’s creepy horror “Knock at the Cabin,” which had collected a $14.2 million at the opening weekend, while “Avatar 2” stays at third with a strong hold of 62 per cent.

Aside from that, the strange thriller, “Knock at the Cabin” had beaten another new release of the weekend “80 for Brady” by a narrow margin, which had garnered an upsum of $12.5 million over the opening weekend, marking off a major triumph for Paramount.

Nonetheless, critics had been sceptical about “80 for Brady” as the critics of Rotten Tomatoes had rated the movie at 64 per cent, however, the movie seemed to have received an additional publicity as Tom Brady had announced earlier last week that he is going to retire from the sports “for good”.

A grossing of $12.5 million over the weekend for “80 for Brady” is widely viewed as a scintillating success for the film, which had had a budget of a $28 million excluding promos. Meanwhile, expressing an optimistic view over the result of “80 for Brady,” Paramount President of domestic distribution, Chris Aronson said late on Sunday, “We’re pretty darn happy with the results.

It proves the old adage: you don’t need to make a movie for everybody, but it has to be for somebody”.

"Knock at the Cabin" takes top spot at domestic box office

Nevertheless, despite a promising start from “Knock at the Cabin,” “Avatar: The Way of Water” still had shelved a tantalizing hold of 68 per cent with a grossing of $10.8 million.

In tandem, following a better-than-anticipated opening weekend, Universal’s President of domestic distribution, Jim Orr said, “Knock at the Cabin’ is an intense thriller, and it’s a film that’s best seen in a large theatre with an audience”.