Jenna Ortega is the new face of Adidas Sportswear

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Jenna Ortega is the new face of Adidas Sportswear

Jenna Ortega is the face of the new athleisure line, Adidas Sportswear. The star of Wednesday, Netflix directed by Tim Burton, in the new campaign All That You Are, looks perfectly at ease in Adidas creations. In the photos of the campaign, as reported by Sky Italy, the actress does not lose sight of her Wednesday character, and poses with a black and purple vertical striped suit that are a clear reference to Wednesday Addams from the series, a teenager who loves gothic style.

She also darkens another look, with jacket and trousers overalls, made glam by a shiny top, red lipstick and lacquered nails. Even the sneakers are absolutely contemporary and suitable for those who want to dress simply but want to be remembered.

The creations of the adidas Sportswear label are born to respond to the need, ever growing and deeply rooted after the seasons of the pandemic, by all genders to wear markedly sports-inspired garments at every moment of everyday life.

Tracksuit jackets, joggers with drawstrings, oversized T-shirts, all these items are part of the new adidas line that hasn't created a new label for over fifty years.

About Jenna

In an interview with Wired, Jenna Ortega said that she had to suspend her vegan diet and include products of animal origin in her diet during all the filming in Romania of the series Wednesday.

She, the actress, had been a vegan for quite some time, but in Romania she was forced to temporarily suspend her vegan diet as the food was very different in the country. It would now appear that the young star of the Netflix series had to stop being a vegan while filming in Romania due to the country's food offerings.

According to local media, Romanian food failed to satisfy her nutritional needs, as she decided to reintroduce fish into her diet. Pescetarians do not eat meat-based foods with the exception of those derived from fish or molluscs.

Fourth of six children, Jenna Ortega began to develop an interest in acting from the age of six and at the age of eight, accompanied by her mother, she participated in the first castings.

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