Jenna Ortega bullied at school for her dark hair and body hair


Jenna Ortega bullied at school for her dark hair and body hair

Jenna Ortega was bullied when she was in school. During an interview on the podcast hosted by her former colleague Penn Badgley, Podcrushed she revealed: "I was very hairy. I have dark hair. I'm Latina. I remember being insecure about my leg hair, but especially my arm hair.

A girl with I was friends with told me I had gorilla arms. She called them that because I had really long arm hair. So when I was in sixth grade, my mom finally let me shave my legs. When I got out of the bathroom, yeah she realized that I had also shaved my arms." Her mother was not at all happy with what happened but the actress explained that this decision was necessary because she was no longer able to feel at ease with her.

She added: "It was a deep insecurity of mine and no one has dealt with it since, but still today, every single day, I shave my arms. If there is even a little stubble, if there is anything, I feel very insecure."

Jenna on Wednesday

Jenna Ortega immersed herself deeply, studying a lot to play Wednesday, the protagonist of Tim Burton's new Netflix seeire of the same name.

The actress has in fact followed lessons in cello, archery, language and much more. Hairstyle and make-up also played a key role. It seems that director Tim Burton even postponed filming because he was not fully satisfied with Jenna's hairstyle.

The young actress told: "We tried to perfect the tresses on Wednesday. We were two hours behind because he kept coming up to us and saying: No, that's wrong. No, that's not straight enough. They shaved the back of my neck for create the perfect line.

They cut my hair the same day, there were hairdressers and make-up artists cutting new extensions in the caravan as we talked and filmed. Tim took a hairdressing comb and brushed my hair! He took my bangs apart one strand at a time until it settled where she wanted it to sit.

Then she sprayed the hairspray so it didn't move. After we established the look, and that was also very exciting to see, because it's a visionary, he refused to shoot anything that didn't satisfy that itch on his brain."

Jenna Ortega