Top 3 movies in 2022: All Quiet on the Western Front is on the list


Top 3 movies in 2022: All Quiet on the Western Front is on the list
Top 3 movies in 2022: All Quiet on the Western Front is on the list

There was a lot of excitement on the film scene during the year 2022. As each of us has a favorite movie of our own, we will present a list of three movies that have left a lasting impression on the viewers of our generation.

DOUBLE FRAUD (Heoyil kyolshim) There have been several films (in most cases a pair of films) produced from Asia (most often South Korea) that have consistently ranked among the very top of the best achievements of the year in recent years.

The year 2022 won't be an exception - At the previous year's Cannes film festival, Chan-wook Park ("Oldboy", "Sympathy for Mrs. Vengeance", "Stoker"...) won the award for best director for his film "Double Fraud". There is everything that is typical of many films made in South Korea, including intriguing, layered characters, tension, and an incredible ease of combining genres in the story of Busan police detective Hae-jun, who takes over the investigation of the death of a man who died climbing a mountain.

I believe that "Double Fraud" is one of the best films that you will see in the next year, and I think you shouldn't avoid it even if Asian productions are not your first choice.

All Quiet on the Western Front

Netflix movies have jumped to the forefront this year, primarily due to huge investments and millions of hours users have spent watching titles like The Gray Man on Netflix.

But, to put it mildly...they are generic, unexciting, and easily forgotten. In spite of this, there are some films released by the Netflix production with less than a million hours of viewing that deserve much more attention.

The first one is a new adaptation of Erich Marie Remarque's novel of the same name by Erich Marie Remarque, titled "Nothing New in the West". The story is based on the experiences of Paul Baumer and his comrades during the First World War, as their vision of war and beliefs clash with the reality of war and suffering on a daily basis.

The German candidate for the Oscar, "Nothing New in the West", is a realistic war story that looks great visually. It should be mentioned that it is also nominated for the Best Picture award in the same category. The nominations for the award have not yet been announced, but it appears to be a candidate for the award as well as the clear favorite...

EMILY THE CRIMINAL Similarly to South Korea's cinema and American independent film's shrine, the Sundance festival showcases a wide range of intriguing titles. There was no domestic release of "Emily the Criminal," but it can be accessed in virtual video libraries.

Among other things, Emily's story shows the reverse side of American society on several levels, as she goes to prison (and does well there). With his masterful blend of social drama and thriller elements, John Patton Ford delivers a story without clichés.