Sharon Stone on the bizarre reason why she lost custody of her son

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Sharon Stone on the bizarre reason why she lost custody of her son

Like any other person, Sharon Stone had many happy and less happy times in her life and career, just like any other person. It would be safe to say that one of the things she endured with difficulty was the loss of custody of her son.

During the course of the interview, Stone revealed the bizarre reasons as to why this situation occurred. It was one of the most challenging moments in her life, but she was forced to accept the fact that things were the way they were.

As she explained in the podcast episode "Table for Two", she lost custody of her children at the height of her fame, at the same time as she reached the height of her career. Because of the actress's character in the movie "Raw Passions", she believes that she was "prejudged" by the court in the custody dispute.

My child, my little boy, was asked by the judge: "Did you know that your mother makes erotic films?". That was abuse by the system. Since I made that film, they couldn't tell what kind of mother I am because I made that film" - Sharon said, adding: "People film without clothes and it is shown on television.

You may have seen a sixteenth of a second of my nudity and I lost custody of my child."

Sharon and adopting

We would like to remind you that Sharon adopted her son Roan with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein in 2000. The divorce was finalized in 2004 three years after Bronstein filed for divorce.

It was reported in the media that the actress sought primary custody of Roan, an 8-year-old boy at the time. As a result, the judge denied her request stating he was "more capable of providing him with a stable environment than she can.". It was not long after Stone divorced Bronstein that she adopted two more children.