"Scream" Producers Tease Possibility of Pivoting to a TV Series

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"Scream" Producers Tease Possibility of Pivoting to a TV Series
"Scream" Producers Tease Possibility of Pivoting to a TV Series (Provided by Financial World)

The "Scream" franchise has made a comeback with the recent financial success of "Scream VI," but producers are now teasing the possibility of the franchise pivoting to a TV series. Following the release of "Scream 4," the franchise was reimagined for television and even had late legendary director Wes Craven as a producer for the first season.

The Possibility of Unlimited Stories

Producer William Sherak shared with Deadline that the concept of Ghostface, with the ability for anyone to wear the mask, gives the franchise the ability to have unlimited stories. "In success, I think what Kevin and Wes created in Ghostface, because anybody can wear the mask, it kind of gives you the ability to have unlimited stories, right? You're not trying to figure out how to keep one specific character alive," Sherak said.

"It's always somebody new, so you have the ability to keep going."

The Benefits of In-House Collaboration

Sherak also highlighted the benefits of working closely with "Scream VI" writers Jamie Vanderbilt and Guy Busick, as they do not have to enlist other creatives for their projects.

"We have that going for us that a lot of companies don't," Sherak pointed out. "We don't have to go outside to find [creatives], and we are fortunate that Jamie, with Guy Busick picked up that mantle...It's an in-house thing we get to build with Spyglass that I think gives us a leg up.

I think [that] allows you to have a singular vision of how we want to control the world, so when you talk about TV and all that other stuff, any of that's possible because we don't have to go outside and find it. It's all sitting here, should the opportunities arise."

A Look Back at "Scream: The TV Series"

Two seasons of "Scream: The TV Series" were produced, including a Halloween special.

Throughout the narrative, Ghostface's mask was introduced and a tonal homage was paid to the films. As part of its third season, "Scream: Resurrection" adopted the movie-accurate Ghostface costume. This season consisted of six episodes.